Relic Draws

Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 1% each
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsWant
Locke Crystal Cross
+fire dmg
AAAdventure Awaitsphys 9.0/15 fire+non, fire infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: (3 fire ⤇ p5.3/10 f+n Thief), 15s: Awoken Fire: fire inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast
Leo Ultima Sword
+earth dmg
AAGeneral's Slashphys 9.0/15 earth+holy+non, earth infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: (Knight ⤇ party 40% Dmg barrier 1), 15s: Awoken Knight: Knight inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast
Terra Ancient Blade
+wind dmg
AA2Violent Swordmagic 22.5/15 wind+non, wind infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: (1/2/3 +3n wind ⤇ m3.75/5 – m7.5/10 – m11.25/15 wi+n B.Mag), 15s: Awoken Zephyr: wind inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, wind instacast
Leo Warlord
+earth dmg
AOShocking Gloryphys 24.0/3 earth+holy overstrike
Terra Ultima Weapon
+wind dmg
AO2Riot Windmagic 79.5/3 wind overstrike
Edgar Edgar's Guise
+fire dmg
AOBravo, Figaro!phys 11.0/20, then 8.0 overstrike, bio+fire+lgt rngd
Mog Rune BellCHopeful ReunionVI chain 1.5x (max 150), party Haste, +30% ATK/MAG 25s
Locke Adventurer's KnifeG+Heat Slicerinstant phys 3.12/6 fire+non, +20% fire vuln. 15s
Leo Brave BladeGGeneral's Protectioninstant earth infuse stacking 25s, earth infuse 25s, self Negate dmg 100%
Terra Lordly RobesG2Storm Harbingerinstant wind infuse stacking 25s, wind infuse 25s, self instacast 1
Edgar Noiseblaster
% Confuse
GCritical Callinstant crit =100% 2 turns, hi fastcast 2
Locke Brigand's GlovesLMR2On the Rebound25% dualcast fire
Mog GungnirLMR3Dancing Deathfastcast 3 at battle start
Edgar Edgar's Sword
+fire dmg
LMR2Awkward Inventor(Machinist ⤇ 20% for +10% fire vuln.)
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14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 2.56 5★ or better per 11× pull)

8.02% chance of 6★ or better

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