Relic Draws

Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 1% each
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsWant
Garnet Garnet's Guise
+lgt dmg
CResilient Memorieslgt chain 1.5x (max 150), party +50% MAG 25s
Steiner Sun BladeCSworn ProtectorIX chain 1.5x (max 150), party Haste, +30% ATK/MAG 25s
Vivi Sage's Robe
+fire dmg
AO1Fleeting Lifemagic 79.5/3 fire overstrike
Garnet Rubber Suit
+lgt res
U2Secret Bloodlinemagic 17.0/10 lgt+non (SUM), party Reflect Dmg 75% as lgt 30s, 15s: (2 Summon ⤇ m15.6/10 l+n Summon, self refill 1 Summon abil. use)
Steiner FalchionU2Steiner Rushphys 6.9/10 fire+lgt+ice+non, party instacast 1, 15s: (hit weak ⤇ +10% fire/lgt/ice dmg, p1.86/6 f+l+i+n Spellblade)
Eiko Angel Flute
+holy dmg
BUSonic Homingmagic 17.0/10 holy+wind (SUM), 15s: (Summon ⤇ party h25)
[Summon], +1 on Summonm7.92 – 11.8 – 20.5 – 34.6 h+wi, overstrike at brv.1+, self refill 2 Summon abil. use at brv.3
Vivi Cloud StaffU3Clamorous Magicmagic 16.5/10 ice+water+lgt+non, self fastcast 15s, 15s: (B.Mag ⤇ MAG +30-34-38-42-46-50%), 15s: EX: (B.Mag ⤇ m7.68/6 i+wa+l+n B.Mag), Finisher: magic 17.3/10 ice+water+lgt+non B.Mag
Quina Gastro Fork
% Stop
UCulinary Curiosityparty Haste, Protect, Shell, +50% ATK 25s
Steiner Golden ShieldGIronclad Vowinstant party Negate dmg 30%, +100% RES 25s
Eiko Gaia Gear
+earth res
GSleight of Eikoinstant party Haste, Phys blink 1
Garnet Faerie StaffLMR3Proven Princesslgt infuse at battle start
Steiner Golden HelmLMR2Loyal Guard25% dualcast Spellblade
Vivi Vivi's GloveLMR3Untapped Power1.25x B.Mag dmg if using a rod
Quina Quina's Toque BlancheLMR2Culinary Enlightenmentfastcast 3 at battle start
Off-Banner (show all 35 relics)Chance of drawing: 0.04% total

14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 2.56 5★ or better per 11× pull)

8 / 14 6★ relics

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