Relic Draws

Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 1% each
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsWant
Rem Survival Edges
+holy dmg
AASeraphim Strikewhite 24.0/15 holy+dark+non, holy infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, hi fastcast 1, 15s: (holy ⤇ hi fastcast 1), 15s: Awoken Holy: holy inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast
Queen Shamshir
+lgt dmg
AAFiendish Judgmentphys 9.0/15 lgt+dark+non, lgt infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: fastcast, 15s: (lgt ⤇ crit =30-50-70-100%), 15s: Awoken Lightning: lgt inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast
Rem Parrying Daggers
+holy dmg
AOSaintly Dagger Tosswhite 38.2/20, then 28.0 overstrike, holy+dark
Deuce Anima FluteU2Concerto ffinstant party h85, Last stand, +100% RES 25s
Deuce Platinum PiccoloU3Vivaceinstant party h85, Regen (hi), hi fastcast 2, 15s: (W.Mag/Bard ⤇ party h25)
Jack Nagamitsu
+fire dmg
UDeliverancephys 7.1/10 fire+non, fire infuse 25s, self lose 99% max HP, Negate dmg 100%, until Neg. Dmg. lost: EX: +30% ATK, Samurai hi fastcast, 100% dualcast Samurai
Cater Magicite BlasterUTriple Charged Shotphys 7.0/10 fire+ice+lgt rngd, self 1.3x Machinist dmg 15s, fastcast 15s, 15s: (2 f/i/l Machinist ⤇ +10% fire/ice/lgt vuln. 15s)
Eight Killer Knuckles
+ice dmg, % KO
UIcebound Stanceinstant phys 6.3/10 ice+non, ice infuse 25s, party Last stand, 15s: (Monk ⤇ p1.8/4 i+n Monk)
Rem Lustrous Armlet
+dark res
GSaintly Aurainstant holy infuse stacking 25s, holy infuse 25s, self +250 SB pts
Rem Mythril GlovesLMR3Magic Expertholy infuse at battle start
Queen Blitz Armlet
+lgt res
LMR2Mercurial Willlgt infuse at battle start
Jack Diamond GlovesLMREdge of Flamefire infuse at battle start
Eight Silver KnucklesLMRKeen Perceptionice infuse at battle start
Cater Magicite PistolLMRBattlefield Swagger(Machinist ⤇ 35% for fastcast 1)
Off-Banner (show all 18 relics)Chance of drawing: 0.04% total

14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 2.56 5★ or better per 11× pull)

8 / 14 6★ relics

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