Relic Draws

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Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 1% each
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsWant
Seymour Staff of Atrophy
+dark dmg
AOLance of Atrophymagic 79.5/3 dark overstrike
Jecht Lufenian Claw
+fire dmg
AOJecht Impactphys 24.0/3 dark+fire overstrike
Yuna Rod of Wisdom
+holy dmg
AOGrand Summon Dragonlordmagic 36.4/20, then 26.5 overstrike, holy+wind (SUM)
Rikku Shocking FistC2Eternal DedicationX chain 1.5x (max 150), party Haste, +30% ATK/MAG 25s
Seymour Assault
+dark dmg
UMerciless Barragemagic 17.0/10 dark+non, dark infuse 25s, self +30% MAG/RES 25s, 15s: (dark dmg ⤇ m2.84/2 - 4.26/3 - 5.68/4 - 7.1/5 - 8.52/6 d+n B.Mag @ rank 1-5)
Jecht Seafang
+dark dmg
U3Struggle Withinphys 7.0/10 dark+fire+non, dark infuse 25s, (dark ⤇ same row fastcast 1, p1.92/6 d+f+n Darkness)
Yuna Hypno CrownBUCalm Prayerinstant party h85, Magic blink 1
[W.Mag], +1 on W.Maginstant h25 – party h25 – party h55 – party h55, Autoheal 2k at brv.3
Rikku Barbed KnucklesU2Thief Dresspherephys 6.7/10 water+non rngd, +20% water vuln. 25s, 15s: (water ⤇ p1.2/2 wa+n Machinist, 35% for +10% water vuln. 15s)
Jecht Spirit BandGJecht Spiritinstant crit =100% 1 turn, +50% crit dmg 1 turn, instacast 1
Yuna Golden StaffG1Fayth's Refugeinstant party Regen (hi), Negate dmg 50% (holy only)
Seymour Chaos MaceLMR2A Son's Hatreddark infuse at battle start
Seymour Moonglow Rod
+dark dmg
LMR1Apocalyptic Savior25% dualcast dark
Jecht Jecht's Sparring Suit
+dark res
LMR1God of Blitzdark infuse at battle start
Yuna Bridal GownLMR2Just Whistle25% dualcast W.Mag
Off-Banner (show all 25 relics)Chance of drawing: 0.04% total

14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 1.91 5★ or better per 11× pull)

8 / 14 6★ relics

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