Relic Draws

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Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 1% each
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsWant
Onion Knight Onion Knight Helm
+water dmg
AOMystic Fencer Artsmagic 79.5/3 wind+water+fire+earth overstrike
Luneth MasamuneAOStorm of Bladesphys 11.0/20, then 8.0 overstrike, wind rngd
Onion Knight Onion Knight's Guise
+water dmg
U3Sage Unleashedmagic 16.5/10 wind+water+fire+earth, 15s: EX: +30% MAG, fastzap, (wi/wa/f/e Black Magic ⤇ m7.95/5 wi/wa/f/e+n B.Mag)
Arc Holy Rod
+holy dmg
BUHeavenly Rainsinstant party h85, +100% RES 25s
[W.Mag], +1 on W.Maginstant h25 – party h25 – party h55 – party h55, Last stand at brv.3
Desch Gladius
RS +lgt dmg
URoar of Dutymagic 17.0/10 lgt+non, +20% lgt vuln. 25s, party fastzap 3
Aria Prism RodU1Seaborne Encounterinstant party h85, Negate dmg 100% (fire only), Regen (hi)
Ingus Giant's Axe
+earth dmg
UGaian Promisephys 7.1/10 earth+non, earth infuse 25s, self +30% ATK/DEF 25s, 15s: (Knight ⤇ p1.36/4 - 1.7/5 - 2.04/6 e+n Knight @ 798-2736 DEF)
Onion Knight DefenderGOnion Soulinstant 1.3x dmg vs weak 15s, hi fastcast 2
Luneth Mighty HammerGHowling Windsinstant phys 3.12/6 wind+non, wind infuse stacking 25s, wind infuse 25s
Onion Knight Onion HelmLMR2Power Overflowing1.25x B.Mag dmg if using a rod
Luneth Blessed HammerLMR1Orphan of Urwind infuse at battle start
Desch BracerLMR1Total Devotion+1% MAG (max +20%) per damaging BLK hit
Aria Lamia's Tiara
+fire res
LMR2Duty First25% dualcast W.Mag
Ingus Genji Armor
+Petrify res
LMR2Resolute Warriorearth infuse at battle start
Off-Banner (show all 29 relics)Chance of drawing: 0.04% total

14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 1.91 5★ or better per 11× pull)

7 / 14 6★ relics

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