Relic Draws

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All RelicsChance of drawing: 99.99% total
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsChanceWant
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Tyro Purifying GrimoireGPurifying Grimoireinstant party heal 2k, Esuna0.14567%
Tyro Keeper's TomeBKeeper's Tomeparty Protect, Shell, Magic blink 10.14567%
[Support][p2.1, -20% ATK/MAG 15s]
[Support][p2.1, -20% DEF/RES 15s]
Tyro Keeper's CapLMR1Archival Secretsinstacast 2 at battle start0.14567%
Elarra Magika PiusGMagika Piusinstant party h550.14567%
Elarra Elarra's GuiseBMagika Coatparty h85, Last stand0.14567%
[W.Mag][self fastcast 3, +20% MND 25s]
[W.Mag][party h25]
Elarra Elarra's HatLMR1Aspiring Artisan(Bard ⤇ 25% for party h25)0.14567%
Biggs Coral SwordG1Flashy Blowinstant phys 3.12/6 earth+non, earth infuse stacking 25s, earth infuse 25s0.14567%
Biggs Biggs's GuiseLMR1Hidden Valorearth infuse at battle start0.14567%
Wedge RipperG1Fairy Starsinstant p3.12/6 or m7.5/6 wind+non rngd, wind infuse stacking 25s, wind infuse 25s0.14567%
Wedge Wedge's HatLMR1Hidden Kindnesswind infuse at battle start0.14567%
Dr. Mog Scholar HatGRoyal Sentinelinstant party +200% DEF/RES 25s0.14567%
Dr. Mog Healing StaffLMR1Master of Renewal25% dualcast W.Mag0.14567%
Final Fantasy I
Warrior of Light Ultima WeaponGRadiant Soulinstant holy infuse stacking 25s, holy infuse 25s, self hi fastcast 20.14567%
Warrior of Light Lustrous Shield
+holy dmg
BUltimate Shieldphys 6.48/8 holy+non, holy infuse 25s0.14567%
[Knight][p0.48 - 0.96/2 - 1.44/3 - 1.92/4 - 2.4/5 h+n @ 327-654-1700-2490 DEF]
[Knight][AoE p1.3/2 h+n, self +50% DEF 25s]
Warrior of Light Crystal Shield
+dark res
LMR3Steadfast Warrior(take dmg ⤇ 25% for p1.26/3 h+n, ally heal 1.5k HP)0.14567%
Warrior of Light Flame Shield
+fire res
LMR2Absolute Justiceholy infuse at battle start0.14567%
Warrior of Light Crystal Helm
+Petrify res
LMR1Light Within+3% ATK (max +35%) per hit taken0.14567%
Garland Garland's Helm
+dark dmg
GGlimpse of Chaosinstant +20% dark dmg 15s, hi fastcast 20.14567%
Garland Claymore
+dark dmg
B2Twin Swordsphys 6.64/8 dark+non, dark infuse 25s0.14567%
[Darkness][p0.8/2 d+n, powers up cmd 2]
[Darkness][p2.16/4 - 4.45/5 - 6.3/6 - 8.75/7 d+n @ +0 - 5 - 10 - 25% crit]
Garland OgrekillerB1Dark Rebirthphys 6.6/6 dark, dark infuse 25s0.14567%
[Darkness][p2.3 d, self heal 20% of dmg]
[Darkness][AoE p1.26/2 d rngd @ +80% crit]
Garland Demon Shield
+holy res
LMR3Battlelustdark infuse at battle start0.14567%
Garland Garland's Cloak
+dark res
LMR2Timeless Hatred25% dualcast Darkness0.14567%
Garland Demon MailLMR1Frenzied Warrior(<20% HP ⤇ heal 100% HP, fastcast 25s)0.14567%
Sarah Rune StaffG1Love of Corneliainstant party Haste, Shell, Negate dmg 30%0.14567%
Sarah Light Robe
+holy dmg
BAge-old Hymnparty h55, Magic blink 1, self +30% RES/MND 25s0.14567%
[W.Mag][instant h80, Regen (hi)]
[W.Mag][party h25]
Sarah Princess Veil
+dark res
LMR1Warrior's Ballad(Bard ⤇ 25% for party h25)0.14567%
Wol Rogue Regalia
+earth dmg
B2Howl of Hellparty Haste, +50% ATK 25s0.14567%
[Heavy][p1.95/3 e+h, self Heavy Charge +1]
[Heavy][p2.32/4 e+h, -20/30/50% ATK/MAG 15s at Heavy Charge 0/1/2, self reset Heavy Charge]
Wol Monk's LeathersB1Shijin Spiralphys 7.56/7, -40% A/D/M/R 25s0.14567%
[Combat][p2.6/4, 31% (9% × 4) Stun]
[Support][AoE p2.4/2, -20% ATK/DEF 15s]
Wol SiriusLMRBreaker of Laws(<20% HP ⤇ 1.25x elem dmg 25s)0.14567%
Echo Angel's BellB2Echoing MischiefAoE magic 13.92/6 holy+non, -30% A/D/M/R/MND 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m4.9 h+n, -40% ATK 15s]
[B.Mag][m4.9 h+n, -50% MAG 15s]
Echo Cane of WisdomB1Echo's Prizeparty heal 40% HP, +30% MAG/RES 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m10.48/4 l+n]
[Special][20% Stop, AoE -40% MAG 25s]
Echo NirvanaLMR2Fabled SpiritHaste, instacast 1 at battle start0.14567%
Echo Captain CostumeLMR1Fickle Fortune(Dancer ⤇ 25% for party heal 30% HP)0.14567%
Master Faerie ClawsGUndivided Focusinstant 1.3x dmg vs weak 15s, crit =100% 2 turns0.14567%
Master Steel GlovesBShow of Couragephys 7.8/10, self crit =50%, Last stand0.14567%
[Monk][p1.6/4, or p3.2/8 if cmd2 status]
[Monk][p2.4/4, 25s: -40% DEF/RES, fastcast]
Master Soldier's ArmletLMR2Martial Mentor1.2x PHY dmg if using a fist0.14567%
Master KenpogiLMR1Glimmer of Insight(Monk ⤇ 25% for +35% ATK for next atk)0.14567%
Matoya Matoya's BroomBInner Eyemagic 16.0/8 fire+ice+lgt, or m20.0/10 vs. weak0.14567%
[B.Mag][m10.48/4 f+i]
[B.Mag][m10.48/4 f+l]
Matoya Matoya's HatLMRMystic Master1.25x Witch dmg if using a staff0.14567%
Meia High Tide SwellGFiat Luxinstant magic 7.5/6 water+non, water infuse stacking 25s, water infuse 25s0.14567%
Meia Arc MirageBFamfritAoE magic 11.94/6 water+non, min dmg 1100 (SUM), water infuse 25s0.14567%
[Summon][ON, self +30% MAG, -30% DEF 20s]
[Summon][OFF, AoE m17.0/4 wa+n, min dmg 1100]
[Summon][m8.96/4 wa+n, min dmg 1100]
[Summon][m9.96/4 wa+n, min dmg 1100]
Meia Vesna Krasna
+water dmg
LMR1Azure Witchcraftwater infuse at battle start0.14567%
Thief (I) OrichalcumBInvisibreakinstant phys 4.8/10 wind+bio, -50% ATK/DEF 25s0.14567%
[Thief][p2.2/4 wi+b, self Thief fastcast 2]
[Thief][p2.2/2 wi+b, -40% DEF 15s]
Thief (I) Thief's Bandana
+wind dmg
LMRThief's Fortune30% for bonus 30% Gil if using a dagger0.14567%
Final Fantasy II
Firion Firion's GuiseGWeapon Specialistinstant 1.3x dmg vs weak 15s, hi fastcast 20.14567%
Firion Sun Blade
+holy dmg
BWeaponsmasterinstant AoE phys 5.84/4 holy+non rngd, party Magic blink 10.14567%
[Combat][p0.52 - 1.04/2 - 1.56/3 - 2.08/4 - 2.6/5 - 3.12/6 - 3.64/7 - 4.16/8 h+n rngd w/ 1…8 uses]
[Combat][p1.68/4 h+n, self instacast 1 turn]
Firion Winged HelmLMR2Future's Edge25% dualcast Samurai0.14567%
Firion Mythril ShieldLMR1Untarnished Honor25% dualcast Combat0.14567%
Maria Ice BowGFaith VIIIinstant +20% earth dmg 15s, hi fastcast 20.14567%
Maria Rune-Graven BowBMeteor XVImagic 15.04/8 earth+non, earth infuse 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m6.0/3 - 8.0/4 - 10.0/5 - 12.0/6 e+n @ 624-973-1032 MAG, 5%/hit Petrify]
[B.Mag][AoE m6.18/2 e+f, self +30% MAG, -30% DEF 20s]
Maria Maria's Armguards
+earth dmg
LMR1Depths of Sorrowearth infuse at battle start0.14567%
Guy Gigant Axe
+earth dmg
BGigantbreakAoE phys 5.82/6 earth+non, +20% earth vuln. 25s0.14567%
[Combat][p0.56/4 e+n, up to p2.6 scaling with ATK]
[Combat][AoE p1.3/2 e+n, self +30% ATK, -30% DEF 20s]
Guy Viking Axe
+earth res
LMRHale and Hearty1.2x PHY dmg if using an axe0.14567%
Leon Rune AxeBDark Knight's Chargephys 6.56/8 dark, dark infuse 25s0.14567%
[Darkness][p2.3 d, self heal 20% of dmg]
[Darkness][p2.06/2 d, self +30% ATK, -30% RES 20s]
Leon Diamond Armor
+lgt res
LMR1Dark Bloom25% dualcast Darkness0.14567%
Minwu Holy Wand
+holy dmg
B2Holy XVIwhite 16.0/8 holy+non, holy infuse 25s0.14567%
[W.Mag][w10.4/4 h+n]
[W.Mag][instant h105]
Minwu Stardust RodB1Seal of HeavenAoE white 9.52/4 holy, party Haste, Regen (hi)0.14567%
[W.Mag][instant h105]
[W.Mag][AoE w6.08/2 h, -20% MAG/MND 15s]
Minwu Staff of the Magi
+holy res
LMR2Seer of Fate25% dualcast W.Mag0.14567%
Minwu Minwu's Bulwark
+holy res
LMR1Rebel Mastermind(ally W.Mag heal ⤇ 25% for ally Phys blink 1)0.14567%
Gordon Radiant LanceBEgil's BlazeAoE phys 5.94/6 fire+non, party Last stand0.14567%
[Support][p2.3, -40% ATK 15s]
[Support][p2.3, -40% DEF 15s]
Gordon Diamond Shield
+lgt res
LMR1Kashuan Heir1.3x stat debuffs duration0.14567%
Leila GladiusBPoison Cloud XVIAoE phys 4.96/8 bio+non, bio infuse 25s0.14567%
[Thief][fast p1.88/4 b+n]
[Thief][p1.72/2 b+n, -20% ATK/MND 20s, self +20% ATK/MND 20s]
Ricard Abel's LanceBPride of Deistphys 6.64/8 wind+non jump, wind infuse 25s0.14567%
[Dragoon][p1.96/2 wi+n rngd, self no air time 2 turns]
[Dragoon][p1.88/4 wi+n, self 1.09x Dragoon dmg 3 turns]
Ricard Ricard's Gauntlets
+wind res
LMR1Windslice Wyvernwind infuse at battle start0.14567%
Josef Shura GlovesBUndaunted Heroice infuse 25s, party +30% ATK/MAG 25s0.14567%
[Monk][p1.41/3 i+n, or p2.82/6 if cmd2 status]
[Monk][p1.88/4 i+n, 25s: -40% DEF/RES, fastcast]
Josef Aegis Shield
+Confuse/KO/Stun res
LMR1Man of Virtueice infuse at battle start0.14567%
Emperor Violet RobeGClever Ruseinstant -10% lgt dmg 15s, self hi fastcast 20.14567%
Emperor Meister Rod
+earth dmg
B2Hell's Mawmagic 15.04/8 earth+dark, earth infuse 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m7.72/4 e+d, self fastcast 2]
[B.Mag][m4.06/2 e+d, -50% MAG 15s]
Emperor Demon's Rod
+dark dmg
B1Winds of WarAoE magic 11.94/6 wind+dark, wind infuse 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m8.68/4 wi+d, 31% (9% × 4) Stun]
[B.Mag][m7.96 wi+d, self heal 20% of dmg]
Emperor Silver DespotLMR2Despotic Stratagemearth infuse at battle start0.14567%
Emperor Imperial Shell
+earth res
LMR1Soul of Rebirth(<20% HP ⤇ heal 100% HP, fastcast 25s)0.14567%
Hilda Faerie TailBPrayer for Peaceparty h85, Magic blink 10.14567%
[W.Mag][instant h105]
[W.Mag][party h25]
Hilda Hilda's CloakLMRNoble Blood25% dualcast W.Mag0.14567%
Scott Wild RoseBScathing Sunphys 6.64/8 fire+non, fire infuse 25s0.14567%
[Spellblade][p1.68/3 f+n, self 1.15x Spellblade dmg 3 turns]
[Spellblade][AoE p1.3/2 f+n, self +30% ATK, -30% DEF 20s]
Scott Demon Shield
+fire res
LMRUnspoken Lovefire infuse at battle start0.14567%
Final Fantasy III
Luneth Mighty HammerGHowling Windsinstant phys 3.12/6 wind+non, wind infuse stacking 25s, wind infuse 25s0.14567%
Luneth Gungnir
+wind dmg
BEternal Windphys 6.24/8 wind+non rngd, 100% Stun, wind infuse 25s0.14567%
[Combat][p1.96/4 wi+n rngd, 31% (9% × 4) Stun]
[Combat][AoE p1.3/2 wi+n rngd, self +30% ATK, -30% RES 20s]
Luneth Dragoon ArmorLMR2Fast and Furious(wind ⤇ 35% for fastcast 1)0.14567%
Luneth Blessed HammerLMR1Orphan of Urwind infuse at battle start0.14567%
Arc Wizard RodB2Break of Valorwhite 16.0/8 holy+water, holy infuse 25s0.14567%
[W.Mag][w10.4/4 h+wa]
[W.Mag][h105, +30% MND 25s]
Arc Staff of the MagiB1Auroral Gracewhite 11.7/5 holy+non, party h55, self +30% MND 25s0.14567%
[W.Mag][h80, Esuna]
[W.Mag][party h25]
Arc Lordly RobesLMR1Bookworm+1% MND (max +25%) per W.Mag hit0.14567%
Refia Refia's GuiseGBridled Loveinstant self hi fastcast 2, 15s: stacking (fire ⤇ p1.6/4 - 2.0/5 - 2.4/6 f+n Monk @ 1-2-3 stacks)0.14567%
Refia Shura Gloves
+fire dmg
BDance of Carnagephys 6.24/8 fire+non, fire infuse 25s, self crit =50% 25s0.14567%
[Monk][p1.96/4 f+n rngd @ +50% crit dmg]
[Monk][AoE p1.3/2 f+n rngd, self +30% ATK, -30% DEF 20s]
Refia Cat-Ear HoodLMR2The Road Aheadfire infuse at battle start0.14567%
Refia Refia's Tunic
+fire res
LMR1Deadly Charm25% dualcast fire0.14567%
Ingus Crystal Shield
+Petrify res
B2Faith Escutcheonphys 6.72/8 earth, party Reflect Dmg 75% as earth 30s0.14567%
[Knight][p1.95/3 e+n, self 1.15x Knight dmg 3 turns]
[Knight][self +50% ATK/DEF 20s]
Ingus Aegis Shield
+Petrify res
B1Oathsworn EspadaAoE phys 4.8/4 earth+non, earth infuse 25s, self +30% ATK/DEF 25s0.14567%
[Knight][p1.96/2 e+n, taunt PHY/BLK, +200% DEF 25s]
[Knight][p1.96/2 e+n, self Retaliate 15s]
Ingus Genji Armor
+Petrify res
LMR2Resolute Warriorearth infuse at battle start0.14567%
Ingus Genji Shield
+Confuse res
LMR1Loyal Heart25% for -30% dmg taken if using a shield0.14567%
Desch AvengerBAncient LightningAoE magic 11.7/5 lgt+non, lgt infuse 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m8.0/4 l+n, self fastzap 1]
[B.Mag][AoE m6.18/2 l+n, self +30% MAG, -30% DEF 20s]
Desch BracerLMR1Total Devotion+1% MAG (max +20%) per damaging BLK hit0.14567%
Onion Knight DefenderGOnion Soulinstant 1.3x dmg vs weak 15s, hi fastcast 20.14567%
Onion Knight Onion Gauntlets
+Blind res
BVessel of Fateparty Haste, +30% ATK/MAG 25s0.14567%
[Celerity][p1.88/4, self phys instacast 1]
[B.Mag][m9.0/4, self instazap 1]
Onion Knight Onion HelmLMR2Power Overflowing1.25x B.Mag dmg if using a rod0.14567%
Onion Knight Onion CapeLMR1Nom de Guerreinstacast 2 at battle start0.14567%
Cloud of Darkness Bizarre Staff
+dark dmg
B20-Form Particle BeamAoE magic 12.6/6 dark+non, party Haste, Doom 30s, +30% MAG/MND 25s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m8.16/3 d+n, self 1.15x Darkness dmg 3 turns]
[B.Mag][m6.3/2 d+n, self +30% MAG, -30% DEF 20s]
Cloud of Darkness Calcite Staff
+dark dmg
B1Fusillade Particle Beammagic 17.6/8 dark+holy, party Reflect Dmg 30s0.14567%
[B.Mag][m10.2/4 d+h, 25% (7% × 4) Silence/Blind]
[B.Mag][m10.2/4 d+h, 25% (7% × 4) Paralyze/Stop]
Cloud of Darkness Brooding Armguard
+dark res
LMR1Spawn of Darknessdark infuse at battle start0.14567%
Aria NirvanaBMaiden of Waterparty h85, -10% fire vuln. 15s0.14567%
[W.Mag][instant h80, Regen (hi)]
[W.Mag][party h25]
Aria Lamia's Tiara
+fire res
LMR2Duty First25% dualcast W.Mag0.14567%
Aria Spirit RingLMR1Crystal Prayer(WHT ⤇ 25% for +30% healing 10s)0.14567%
Final Fantasy IV
Cecil (Dark Knight) Demon ShieldGEvil Forceinstant Negate dmg 100%, 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x Darkness dmg @ rank 1-5 15s0.14567%
Cecil (Dark Knight) Helter SkelterB2Abyss Gatephys 6.64/8 dark+non, dark infuse 25s0.14567%
[Darkness][p2.16/4 d+n]
[Darkness][p1.68/3 d+n, self 1.15x Darkness dmg 3 turns]
Cecil (Dark Knight) Nightmare
+dark dmg
B1Dark FlameAoE phys 7.84/8 dark+fire, self lose 25% max HP, +30% ATK/RES 25s0.14567%
[Darkness][p2.16/4 d+n, uses +ATK as HP falls]
[Darkness][AoE p2.0/2 d+n, self lose 12.5% max HP]
Cecil (Dark Knight) ArondightLMR2Dark Powerdark infuse at battle start0.14567%
Cecil (Dark Knight) Hades ArmorLMR1Thirsting Blade(<20% HP ⤇ Last stand, +35% ATK, -35% DEF 25s)0.14567%
Cecil (Paladin) Crystal HelmG2Valiant Forceinstant holy infuse stacking 25s, holy infuse 25s, self Knight hi fastcast 15s0.14567%
Cecil (Paladin) Paladin's Bracer
+dark res
G1Saintly Forceinstant holy infuse 25s, party Autoheal 2k0.14567%
Cecil (Paladin) Apocalypse
RS +holy dmg
B2Radiant Blastphys 7.68/8 holy+non, taunt PHY/BLK, +200% DEF 25s0.14567%
[Knight][p1.74/3 - 2.32/4 - 2.9/5 h+n @ 3-7 taken]
[Knight][p2.32/4 h+n, self +100% RES 20s]
Cecil (Paladin) Excalibur
+holy dmg
B1Paladin ForceAoE phys 5.1/5 holy rngd, holy infuse 25s0.14567%
[Combat][p2.3 h, self h60]
[Combat][AoE p1.58/2 h]
Cecil (Paladin) Crystal ShieldLMR3Led by the Moon25% dualcast Knight0.14567%
Cecil (Paladin) Caesar's Plate
+holy/dark res
LMR2Ardor's Lightholy infuse at battle start0.14567%
Cecil (Paladin) Cecil's Guise
+holy dmg
LMR1Indomitable+3% DEF (max +35%) per hit taken0.14567%
Kain Abel's Lance
+lgt dmg
BDragoon's PrideAoE phys 5.0/4 lgt+non jump, lgt infuse 25s0.14567%
[Dragoon][p2.06/2 l rngd, self no air time 2 turns]
[Dragoon][p2.06/2 l rngd, self refill 1 abil. use]
Kain Thunder Shield
+lgt res
LMR2Weak No Morelgt infuse at battle start0.14567%
Kain Dragoon BracersLMR1Dragoon's Essence1.25x Dragoon dmg if using a spear0.14567%
Rydia Flame WhipGSecret of Mistinstant hi fastzap 15s, 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x Summoning dmg @ rank 1-5 15s0.14567%
Rydia Minerva BustierB2Law of the EidolonsAoE magic 11.94/6 water+holy, min dmg 1100 (SUM), +20% water vuln. 25s0.14567%
[Summon][m7.8/4 wa+h, min dmg 1100, self fastzap 2]
[Summon][m8.56/2 wa+h, min dmg 1100, self refill 1 abil. use]
Rydia Sleipnir's TailB1Mournful CryAoE magic 11.85/5 earth+non, min dmg 1100 (SUM), earth infuse 25s0.14567%
[Summon][m8.96/4 e+n, min dmg 1100]
[Summon][AoE m6.28/2 e+n, min dmg 1100]
Rydia Whale WhiskerLMR3Opposing Fateearth infuse at battle start0.14567%
Rydia Diamond ArmletLMR2Pristine Spiritwater infuse at battle start0.14567%
Rydia Rydia's Guise
+water dmg
LMR1Gifted Summoner(Summon ⤇ 35% for fastcast 1)0.14567%
Rosa Magic BowGDivine Guardinstant party Haste, Magic blink 10.14567%
Rosa Perseus BowBHoly RayAoE white 9.5/5 holy, party h850.14567%
[W.Mag][h105, Magic blink 1]
[W.Mag][party h25]
Rosa Selene BowLMR2Patrician Beauty25% dualcast W.Mag0.14567%
Rosa Rosa's ArmguardLMR1Quiet Devotion+1% MND (max +25%) per W.Mag hit0.14567%
Edward Lamia Harp
% Confuse
BWhisperweed BalladAoE +20% holy vuln. 25s, party +50% ATK 25s0.14567%
[Support][p1.95 h rngd, -20% ATK/MAG 15s, self Sap 40s]
[Support][p1.95 h rngd, -20% DEF/RES 15s, self Sap 40s]