Relic Draws

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All RelicsChance of drawing: 14.04% total
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsChanceWant
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Tyro Arbiter's TomeU4Arbiter's Tomeinstant party Haste, crit =50% 25s, self hi fastcast 15s, 15s: (1/2/3/4/5+ Support ⤇ party crit =60%/70%/80%/90%/100% 15s)0.0179%
Tyro Divine Veil GrimoireU3Divine Veil Grimoireparty Haste, Protect, Shell, +200% DEF/RES 25s0.0179%
Tyro Keeper's Frock Coat
+Silence res, RS +KO res
U1Warder's Apocryphaparty Haste, Status blink 1, Autoheal 2k, self instacast 20.0179%
Tyro Arbiter's ApocryphaOArbiter's Apocryphaphys 9.0 overstrike, party +15% A/D/M/R 25s0.0179%
Elarra Magika OrareU2Magika Orareinstant party h85, +50% crit dmg 25s, self fastcast 15s0.0179%
Elarra Magika AlbumU1Magika Albuminstant party h85, Regenga, hi fastcast 20.0179%
Biggs Ancient Sword
+earth dmg
UBoulder Blowphys 7.0/10 earth+holy+non, self 1.3x/1.5x/1.7x PHY dmg w/ 0-1-2 uses 15s, 15s: (earth/holy ⤇ p2.0 e+h+n overstrike Heavy)0.0179%
Wedge Main Gauche
+wind dmg
U1Tricksterp7.0/10 or m16.8/10 wind+lgt+non rngd, wind infuse 25s, self +30% ATK/DEF or DEF/MAG 25s, 15s: (wind ⤇ p2.0/5 or m8.35/5 wi+n rngd)0.0179%
Dr. Mog Mythril Staff
+holy dmg
U1Nature's Wrathmagic 16.3/10 holy+fire+ice+light.+non, party +30% ATK/MAG/MND 25s, 15s: (B.Mag/Summon ⤇ m7.6/5 h+f+i+l+n B.Mag), (W.Mag ⤇ party h25)0.0179%
Final Fantasy I
Warrior of Light Ragnarok
RS +holy dmg
C1Shield of Lightholy chain 1.2x (max 99), phys 7.92/11 holy, party Autoheal 2k0.0179%
Warrior of Light Warrior of Light's Guise
+holy dmg
U2Hail of Lightphys 7.1/10 holy+non, holy infuse 25s, 15s: EX: 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x Knight dmg @ rank 1-5, Finisher: phys 35% holy overstrike Knight0.0179%
Warrior of Light Braveheart+
+holy dmg
U1Bitter Endphys 7.1/10 holy+non, holy infuse 25s, 15s: EX: +100% DEF, 1.05x Knight dmg per Knight, max 1.3x @ 6 Knight0.0179%
Warrior of Light Save the Queen
+holy dmg
AOBright Overloadphys 24.0/3 holy overstrike0.0179%
Warrior of Light Excalibur
+holy dmg
OShining Saberphys 11.44 holy+non overstrike, up to p12.93 w/ hits taken0.0179%
Garland Rune Axe
RS +dark dmg
CBent on Destructiondark chain 1.2x (max 99), phys 7.92/22 dark0.0179%
Garland Avenger
+dark dmg
U2Chaos Genocidephys 7.1/10 dark+non, dark infuse 25s, self +30% ATK/DEF 25s, 15s: (Heavy ⤇ p1.6/5 - 1.9/5 - 2.2/5 d+n Heavy @ 0-1-2 Heavy Charge)0.0179%
Garland Rebellion
+dark dmg
U1Source of Hatredphys 7.1/10 dark+non, dark infuse 25s, 15s: (Darkness ⤇ fastcast 1), 15s: (Darkness ⤇ p1.82/2 d+n Darkness, self heal 20% of dmg)0.0179%
Garland Chaosbringer
+dark dmg
AOScion of Malicephys 24.0/3 dark overstrike0.0179%
Garland Earthbreaker
RS +dark dmg
ODiscord Incarnatephys 11.25 dark+non overstrike, or p12.75 vs. weak0.0179%
Sarah Staff of LightBUCrystal's Gleaninstant party h85, Last stand0.0179%
[W.Mag], +1 on W.Mag/Bardinstant h25 – party h25 – party h55 – party h55, instacast 1 at brv.3
Sarah Sage StaffU1Ballad of Lightparty Haste, Shell, Autoheal 2k, +30% ATK/MAG 25s0.0179%
Wol Sargatanas
+earth dmg
BUSudden Smiteinstant phys 6.3/10 earth+holy, -30% ATK/MAG/MND 25s, self hi fastcast 15s0.0179%
[Heavy], +1 on Heavyp1.92 – 3.12/3 – 5.94/6 – 8.8/10 e+h, -40% DEF 15s – -40% DEF 15s – -70% ATK/DEF/MAG 8s at brv.1+
Wol OrganyxU1Overkillphys 7.68/8 rngd, Dispel, -70% DEF/RES 8s0.0179%
Echo Fairy EchoUEcho Showtimeparty Haste, Protect, fastcast 2, +30% DEF/MAG 25s0.0179%
Master Power VestUEmpty Fistphys 7.2/10, self +50% crit dmg 25s, +30% ATK/RES 25s, 15s: (crit ⤇ p2.16/4 Monk)0.0179%
Master Kaiser KnucklesAOPinnacle Puglistphys 24.0/3 earth+fire+lgt overstrike0.0179%
Matoya Gaia Gear
+Petrify res
UCrystal Powermagic 16.8/10 fire+ice+lgt, self +30% MAG/RES 25s, 15s: (Witch ⤇ fastcast 1), 15s: (hit weak ⤇ m8.32/4 f+i+l+n Witch)0.0179%
Meia Mellow Mermaid
+water dmg
USurging Wavemagic 17.0/10 water+non, water infuse 25s, 15s: (water ⤇ m7.95/5 wa+n B.Mag), 15s: (water ⤇ 2-2.5-3x cast)0.0179%
Meia Svetovid
+water dmg
AOFata Fioremagic 79.5/3 water overstrike0.0179%
Meia Femme Fatale
RS +water dmg
OPallida Morsmagic 37.2 water+non overstrike, or m42.8 vs. weak0.0179%
Final Fantasy II
Firion Firion's Bandana
+ice dmg
BUFervid Blazerphys 7.0/10 holy+ice+fire, self crit =75% 15s, fastcast 15s0.0179%
[Samurai], +1 on Samuraip1.9 – 3.15 – 6.3 – 9.85 h+i+f, overstrike at brv.1+
Firion Lightbringer
+holy dmg
U1Double Troublephys 7.1/10 holy+non, holy infuse 25s, 15s: EX: +30% ATK, cast speed 2.0x, +0.5x per atk, max 6.5x @ 9 atks0.0179%
Firion Crimson Sword
+fire dmg
AOThorns of the Rosephys 24.0/3 holy+ice+fire overstrike0.0179%
Firion Ragnarok
RS +holy dmg
ORose of Rebellionphys 11.25 - 12.5 - 13.75 holy+non overstrike @ 9-22 atks0.0179%
Maria Perseus Bow
+earth dmg
UMagma XXXIImagic 17.0/10 earth+non, earth infuse 25s, self double B.Mag (uses extra hone) 15s, +30% DEF/MAG 25s0.0179%
Maria Gaia Gear
+earth dmg
AOMeteor Shower LXIVmagic 79.5/3 earth overstrike0.0179%
Maria Selene Bow
RS +earth dmg
OKerplode XXXIImagic 40.0 earth+non overstrike0.0179%
Guy Demon Axe
+earth dmg
UTrue Strengthphys 7.1/10 earth+non, +30% ATK/DEF 25s, earth infuse 25s, self 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x Monk dmg @ rank 1-5 15s0.0179%
Leon LonginusU1Lord of Darknessphys 6.88/8 dark+non rngd, dark infuse 25s, self Autoheal 6k, 1.3x Darkness dmg 15s0.0179%
Minwu Light Robe
+holy dmg
U2Light of Mysidiawhite 18.0/10 holy+non, self 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x White Magic dmg @ rank 1-5 15s, double W.Mag (uses extra hone) 15s, +50% MND 25s0.0179%
Minwu Shining StaffU1Enduring Revivalinstant party h85, Autoheal 2k, Negate dmg 30%0.0179%
Gordon TridentUA Leader WakesAoE phys 5.34/6 fire+non, -50% ATK/MAG/MND 25s, party Haste, Regen (hi)0.0179%
Josef Godhand
RS +ice dmg
U1Heroic Soulparty Haste, Last stand, +50% ATK 25s, self fastcast 20.0179%
Emperor Wizard's Rod
+earth dmg
U2Repentance Thornsmagic 17.0/10 earth+dark, -70% ATK/MAG 8s, self fastcast 15s, 15s: (earth ⤇ m7.8/4 e+d+n B.Mag)0.0179%
Emperor Mateus's MaliceU1Dire ApocalypseAoE magic 13.84/8 earth+wind, +20% earth vuln. 25s, -50% ATK/MAG/RES 25s0.0179%
Hilda Lamia HarpUWinning Waltzinstant party h85, Last stand, +100% DEF 25s0.0179%
Final Fantasy III
Luneth Blood Lance
+wind dmg
U2Howling Vortexphys 7.1/10 wind+non, wind infuse 25s, self heal 10% of wind dmg 15s, 15s: (wind ⤇ p1.92/6 wi+n Dragoon)0.0179%
Luneth Kiku-ichimonjiU1Zephyr Memoriesphys 7.2/10 wind+non, wind infuse 25s, self hi fastcast 1, 15s: EX: +30% ATK, (wind ⤇ hi fastcast 1)0.0179%
Luneth MasamuneAOStorm of Bladesphys 11.0/20, then 8.0 overstrike, wind rngd0.0179%
Luneth Dragon Lance
+wind dmg
OHeavenly Gustphys 11.2 wind+non jump overstrike, up to p14.5 w/ wind atks used0.0179%
Arc Holy Rod
+holy dmg
BUHeavenly Rainsinstant party h85, +100% RES 25s0.0179%
[W.Mag], +1 on W.Maginstant h25 – party h25 – party h55 – party h55, Last stand at brv.3
Arc Seraphim Mace
+holy dmg
U1Water's Gracewhite 18.0/10 holy+water, holy infuse 25s, self +30% RES/MND 25s, 15s: (holy ⤇ w3.26/2 - 4.89/3 - 6.52/4 - 8.15/5 - 9.78/6 h+wa+n W.Mag @ rank 1-5)0.0179%
Refia Metal Knuckles
RS +fire dmg
UBurning Devotionphys 7.1/10 fire+non, fire infuse 25s, self +50% crit dmg 25s, fastcast 1, 15s: (fire ⤇ fastcast 1)0.0179%
Refia Godhand
+fire dmg
AOTrine Flamefistphys 24.0/3 fire overstrike0.0179%
Ingus Rune Axe
RS +earth dmg
CAttested Strengthearth chain 1.2x (max 99), phys 7.92/11 earth, party Last stand0.0179%
Ingus Giant's Axe
+earth dmg
UGaian Promisephys 7.1/10 earth+non, earth infuse 25s, self +30% ATK/DEF 25s, 15s: (Knight ⤇ p1.36/4 - 1.7/5 - 2.04/6 e+n Knight @ 798-2736 DEF)0.0179%
Desch Gladius
RS +lgt dmg
URoar of Dutymagic 17.0/10 lgt+non, +20% lgt vuln. 25s, party fastzap 30.0179%
Onion Knight Onion Knight's Guise
+water dmg
U3Sage Unleashedmagic 16.5/10 wind+water+fire+earth, 15s: EX: +30% MAG, fastzap, (wi/wa/f/e Black Magic ⤇ m7.95/5 wi/wa/f/e+n B.Mag)0.0179%
Onion Knight Onion Bladep-UForbidden Powerparty Haste, crit =50%, +50% ATK 25s, 15s: EX: +30% ATK, cast speed 1.3x, +0.3x per atk, max 3.4x @ 7 atks0.0179%
Onion Knight Zeus Macem-UForbidden Wisdomparty Haste, fastzap 3, +30% MAG/RES/MND 25s, 15s: EX: +30% MAG, 1.15x BLK dmg0.0179%
Onion Knight Onion Knight Helm
+water dmg
AOMystic Fencer Artsmagic 79.5/3 wind+water+fire+earth overstrike0.0179%
Onion Knight Onion Armor
+Petrify res, RS +KO res
OSword and Spellp13.0 or m40.0 overstrike0.0179%
Cloud of Darkness Empress Kharna
RS +dark dmg
UCrashing DarknessAoE magic 14.7/7 dark+lgt, dark infuse 25s, party +30% MAG/RES 25s, 15s: (dark ⤇ AoE m4.4 d+l+n B.Mag)0.0179%
Cloud of Darkness Everdark
+dark dmg
OConvergent Particle Beammagic 37.2 dark+non overstrike, or m42.8 vs. weak0.0179%
Aria Prism RodU1Seaborne Encounterinstant party h85, Negate dmg 100% (fire only), Regen (hi)0.0179%
Final Fantasy IV
Cecil (Dark Knight) Demon HelmUEndless Darknessphys 7.1/10 dark+non, dark infuse 25s, self lose 99% max HP, Negate dmg 100%, until Neg. Dmg. lost: EX: +30% ATK, Darkness hi fastcast, 100% dualcast Darkness0.0179%
Cecil (Dark Knight) Demonslayer
+dark dmg
AONightmare Bladephys 24.0/3 dark overstrike0.0179%
Cecil (Paladin) KingswordBUCrystal Vanguardphys 7.2/10 holy, party Last stand, self 1.3x Knight dmg 15s0.0179%
[Knight], +1 on Knightp1.92 – 2.4/3 – 4.5/5 – 7.0/7 h, party Autoheal 1k – 2k – 4k at brv.1+
Cecil (Paladin) Force ShieldU2Paladin Wallparty +200% DEF/RES 25s, 15s: EX: +30% ATK/DEF, (Knight ⤇ front row heal 1.5k HP)0.0179%
Cecil (Paladin) Lightbringer
+holy dmg
U1Sacred Crossphys 7.1/10 holy+non, holy infuse 25s, self Autoheal 6k, 15s: EX: +100% DEF0.0179%
Cecil (Paladin) Excalibur II
+holy dmg
AOHoly Devastationphys 24.0/3 holy overstrike0.0179%
Cecil (Paladin) Ragnarok
+holy dmg
OArc of Lightphys 12.0 holy+non rngd overstrike0.0179%
Kain Kain's LanceCImpulse Drivelgt chain 1.2x (max 99), phys 7.92/22 lgt jump0.0179%
Kain Dragoon Lance
+lgt dmg
AALance of the Dragonphys 9.0/15 lgt+non jump, lgt infuse 25s, self dmg cap +20k 15s, 15s: (3 Dragoon ⤇ p5.2 l+wi+n rngd overstrike Dragoon), 15s: Awoken Dragoon: Dragoon inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, jump instacast0.0179%
Kain Holy LanceBUDragon's Wrathphys 7.2/10 lgt jump, lgt infuse 25s, self no air time 2 turns0.0179%
[Dragoon], +1 on Dragoonp1.92 – 3.25 – 6.5 – 10.15 l jump, overstrike at brv.1+
Kain Longinus
+lgt dmg
U1Luminous Dragonphys 7.1/10 lgt+non jump, lgt infuse 25s, self jump instacast 15s, +30% ATK/DEF 25s0.0179%
Kain Brionac
+lgt dmg
AODragoon Divephys 24.0/3 lgt jump overstrike0.0179%
Kain Dragon Mail
+fire res, RS +ice res
OKain's Lancephys 10.5 lgt+non jump overstrike, up to p14.5 w/ Dragoon used0.0179%
Rydia Earth Whip
+earth dmg
BURaging Giantmagic 17.3/10 earth (SUM), earth infuse 25s, self fastcast 15s0.0179%
[Summon], +1 on earthm7.92 – 12.0 – 20.8 – 35.0 e, overstrike at brv.1+, self refill 1 Summon abil. use at brv.2+
Rydia Mythril WhipbladeU2Fated Encountermagic 17.0/10 water+non (SUM), water infuse 25s, self +30% DEF/MAG 25s, 15s: (water ⤇ m7.85/5 wa+n Summon, min dmg 1100), Finisher: refill 2 abil. use0.0179%
Rydia Red ScorpionU1Lord of the Seasmagic 17.0/10 water+non, min dmg 1100 (SUM), water infuse 25s, party +30% MAG/RES 25s0.0179%
Rydia Summoner Rydia
+water dmg
AOPast and Presentmagic 79.5/3 water+earth+holy overstrike (SUM)0.0179%
Rydia Wizard Rod
RS +earth dmg
OEidolon Emissarymagic 37.0 earth+water+holy overstrike, min dmg 1100 (SUM)0.0179%
Rosa Rosa's GuiseU2White Mage Wonder (IV)instant party h85, Regenga, hi fastcast 20.0179%
Rosa Fairy's BowU1Benedictioninstant party h85, Autoheal 2k, Magic blink 10.0179%
Edward Faerie HarpCSong of Hopeholy chain 1.5x (max 150), party +30% MAG/MND 25s0.0179%
Edward Apollo's HarpUHero's Rimeparty Haste, fastzap 2, +30% MAG/RES/MND 25s0.0179%
Yang Dragon ClawUShuddering Fistphys 7.1/10 earth+non, earth infuse 25s, 15s: Finisher: phys 35% earth overstrike Monk, 15s: (Monk ⤇ crit =30-50-75%, 2-2.5-3x cast)0.0179%
Yang Wolf Fang
+earth dmg
AOFist Dancephys 24.0/3 earth overstrike0.0179%
Palom Mirage RodUThunderstormmagic 17.0/10 lgt+ice, lgt infuse 25s, self double B.Mag (uses extra hone) 15s, +30% MAG/RES 25s0.0179%
Porom Mage's StaffU1Pure White Magicinstant party h85, Reraise 40%, Last stand0.0179%
Tellah Professor's RobeUSage's Resolveearth infuse 25s, party fastzap 2, 15s: 100% dualcast B.Mag, Finisher: magic 35% earth overstrike B.Mag, self KO0.0179%
Edge Kiku-ichimonji
RS +water dmg
U1Chaotic Moonphys 7.1/10 water+lgt, 15s: (water ⤇ hi fastcast 1), (Ninja ⤇ p2.16 - 4.32/2 wa+l+n Ninja @ 1-2 Phys blink)0.0179%
Golbez Demon's RodCDarkbind Miasmadark chain 1.5x (max 150), party +50% MAG 25s0.0179%
Golbez Master Rod
+dark dmg
U2Creature of Shadowmagic 17.0/10 dark+non, dark infuse 25s, self lose 99% max HP, Negate dmg 100%, until Neg. Dmg. lost: 100% dualcast Darkness, Finisher: magic 11.8 - 20.5 - 34.6 dark+non overstrike Darkness @ 5-9 Darkness used0.0179%
Golbez Gigant Axe
% Poison
U1Master of Baronmagic 17.0/10 dark+non, dark infuse 25s, self Autoheal 6k, +30% DEF/MAG 25s0.0179%
Cid (IV) Sledgehammer
+lgt dmg, % Confuse
UX Chaserphys 7.2/10 lgt, -70% ATK/MAG 8s, self fastcast 15s, 15s: (lgt ⤇ p1.8/4 l+n Machinist)0.0179%
Ceodore Ceodore's Blade
+holy dmg
U1Trinity Slashphys 7.2/10 holy+lgt, holy infuse 25s, self +30% ATK/RES 25s, taunt PHY/BLK, +200% DEF 25s0.0179%
Ursula Crystal GlovesUCrushing Fistphys 7.1/10 earth+fire, earth infuse 25s, 15s: fastcast, (crit ⤇ p2.05/5 e+f+n Monk)0.0179%
Ursula Strong Gloves
+earth dmg
AOMoonflower Skyfallphys 24.0/3 earth+fire overstrike0.0179%
Barbariccia Barbariccia's Dagger
+wind dmg
UWhirlwindmagic 17.0/10 wind+non, wind infuse 25s, self +30% MAG/RES 25s, 15s: (wind ⤇ m7.95/5 wi+n B.Mag)0.0179%
Final Fantasy V
Lenna Holy RodU3Essence of Waterinstant party h85, Regenga, -10% ice vuln. 15s, -10% water vuln. 15s, self fastcast 15s0.0179%
Lenna Healing RodU2Tycoon Princessparty h85, Negate dmg 30%, Last stand0.0179%
Lenna Lenna's Dress
+Holy damage +20%/RS: Silence res
U1Moogle Boostparty Autoheal 3k, +30% ATK/MAG/RES 25s0.0179%
Galuf Triton HammerCImmortal Soulearth chain 1.5x (max 150), party +50% ATK 25s0.0179%
Galuf GodhandU2Heart and Soulphys 7.1/10 earth+fire, +20% earth vuln. 25s, self +30% ATK/RES, fastcast 1, 15s: (earth ⤇ fastcast 1)0.0179%
Galuf Platinum Hammer
+earth dmg
U1Martial Mightearth infuse 25s, party Haste, +30% ATK/MAG 25s0.0179%
Gogo (V) Empyrean Rod
+water dmg
USunken Rhapsodyinstant water infuse 25s, Mimic 2x, party Haste, Last stand0.0179%
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh's Guise
+fire dmg
CHistoric Splendorfire chain 1.5x (max 150), party +50% ATK 25s0.0179%
Gilgamesh Ama-no-MurakumoU2No Justicephys 7.1/10 fire+non, fire infuse 25s, 15s: EX: +30% ATK, (Samurai ⤇ p0.37 or 1.48/4 or 2.22/6 or 3.7/10 f+n Samurai)0.0179%
Gilgamesh Genji GlovesU1All's Fairphys 7.2/10, self Retaliate @p1.2 15s, crit =50% 25s, 15s: EX: +30% ATK0.0179%
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh's Naginata
% Paralyze
OStrange Bedfellowphys 10.8 overstrike, or p13.2 if no allies KO0.0179%
Bartz Freelancer Bartz's Guise
+wind dmg
AA1Tetra Spellbladephys 9.0/15 fire+water+wind+earth+non, self +30% fire/water/wind/earth dmg 15s, dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: (2 fire/water/wind/earth ⤇ p3.52/8 f+wa+wi+e+n Spellblade), 15s: Awoken Spellblade: Spellblade inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast0.0179%
Bartz Hammerhead
+wind dmg
U3Essence of Windphys 7.1/10 wind+non, wind infuse 25s, 15s: EX: (1/2/3 +3n wind ⤇ front row phys hi fastcast 1, p0.3 – p1.5/5 – p4.5/15 wi+n Spellblade)0.0179%
Bartz Zwill CrossbladeU2Crystals' Chosenphys 6.9/10 wind+water+fire+earth, 15s: EX: (0-8 wind/water/fire/earth ⤇ 1.3-1.35-1.4-1.45-1.5-1.55-1.6-1.65-1.7x Spellblade dmg), Finisher: phys 35% Spellblade overstrike Spellblade0.0179%
Bartz Chicken KnifeU1Chosen Travelerphys 7.0/10 wind+water+fire+earth, 15s: EX: +30% ATK, fastcast, (wi/wa/f/e Spellblade dmg ⤇ p0.8/2 or 3.2/8 wi/wa/f/e+n Spellblade)0.0179%
Bartz Man-Eater
+wind dmg
AOCrystalline Focusphys 24.0/3 wind+water+fire+earth overstrike0.0179%
Bartz ApocalypseOHand of the Crystalsphys 10.0 wind+water+fire+earth rngd overstrike0.0179%
Faris Windslash Bow
+wind dmg
CEternal Bondwind chain 1.5x (max 150), party +50% ATK 25s0.0179%
Faris Hunting BowBUEssence of Flameinstant phys 6.0/10 fire+wind rngd, -40% ATK/DEF 25s, self 1.3x Thief dmg 15s0.0179%
[Thief], +1 on Thiefinstant p1.5 – 2.34/6 – 4.68/6 – 7.26/6 f+wi rngd, -30% DEF 15s – -40% DEF 15s – -70% DEF/RES/MND 8s at brv.1+
Faris Force Shield
+earth/wind res
U3Pirate Stormphys 7.1/10 wind+non, +20% wind vuln. 25s, 15s: (2 Thief ⤇ +10% wind vuln. 15s)0.0179%
Faris Fairy Bow
% Confuse, RS +wind dmg
U2Pirate Princessphys 7.38/9 wind+non rngd, +20% wind vuln. 25s, -50% ATK/MAG/MND 25s0.0179%
Faris Faris's Longcoat
+Slow res, RS +Stop res
U1PhantomAoE phys 7.74/6 - 6.69/6 - 6.0/6… vs 1-2-3… foes, 100% Stun, -30% A/D/M/R/MND 25s0.0179%
Dorgann Falchion
+earth dmg
UBrotherhood of the Dawnphys 7.1/10 earth+wind, earth infuse 25s, self +100% DEF 25s, 15s: (Knight ⤇ p0.68/2 - 1.02/3 - 1.36/4 - 1.7/5 - 2.04/6 e+wi+n Knight @ rank 1-5)0.0179%
Exdeath Santalum Robe
+dark dmg
BUDelta Holemagic 16.4/10 dark, +20% dark vuln. 25s, self fastcast 15s0.0179%
[Darkness], +1 on Darknessm7.92 – 12.0 – 20.8 – 35.0 d, overstrike at brv.1+
Exdeath Whale Whisker
RS +dark dmg
U1Neo Grand CrossAoE magic 13.92/6 dark+non, party +30% MAG/MND 25s, taunt & absorb BLK/WHT 25s0.0179%
Krile Red ScorpionC1Unbroken Chainfire chain 1.2x (max 99), magic 17.93/11 fire, party fastcast 20.0179%
Krile Gaia Rod
+earth dmg
U3Gift of Hopemagic 17.0/10 earth+non, earth infuse 25s, self fastcast 1, 15s: (earth ⤇ fastcast 1), 15s: (earth ⤇ m8.08/4 e+n B.Mag, or m10.1/5 if Galuf alive)0.0179%
Krile Queen's Whip
+fire dmg
BUKindred Flamemagic 17.3/10 fire, fire infuse 25s, self fastcast 15s0.0179%
[B.Mag], +1 on B.Magm7.92 – 12.0 – 20.8 – 35.0 f, overstrike at brv.1+
Krile Sleipnir Tail
+fire dmg
U1Cleansingmagic 17.0/10 fire+non, fire infuse 25s, self +30% MAG/RES 25s, 15s: (fire dmg ⤇ m2.84/2 - 4.26/3 - 5.68/4 - 7.1/5 - 8.52/6 f+n B.Mag @ rank 1-5)0.0179%
Krile Beastmaster's Guise
+fire dmg
AORaging Hellfiremagic 36.4/20, then 26.5 overstrike, fire (SUM)0.0179%
Krile Stardust Rod
RS +fire dmg
OMeteoric Assaultmagic 38.0 fire+non overstrike, up to m44.0 w/ fire atks used0.0179%
Xezat Xezat's Blade
+ice dmg
USpellstrike Rimeboltphys 7.1/10 ice+lgt, ice infuse 25s, self fastcast 1, 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x Spellblade dmg @ rank 1-5 15s0.0179%
Kelger Kelger's Blade
+earth dmg
ULupine Attackphys 7.1/10 earth+wind, self Phys blink 1, 1.05-1.1-1.15-1.2-1.3x Ninja dmg @ rank 1-5 15s, 15s: (earth ⤇ p1.28/4 - 1.92/6 - 2.56/8 e+wi+n rngd Ninja @ 0-1-2 Phys blink)0.0179%