Relic Draws

Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 14.00% total
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsChanceWant
Terra Rod
+earth dmg
ADGaia's Rage (IV)magic 63.0/20 - 70.0/20 - 77.0/20 w/ 9k/19k/29k cap, then 34.6 - 38.06 - 41.52 overstrike, earth+non @ 0-100k-300k dmg dealt (SUM)1%
Lufenian Saber
+holy dmg
SAAdvanced Bladephys 9.0/15 holy+non, holy infuse 3 w/ stacking 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, Magic blink 2, 15s: (3 cmd 1/cmd 2 โค‡ p5.19 h+n overstrike Knight, self Magic blink 1)1%
[Knight], w/ holyp4.5/5 - 6.3/7 h+n w/o - w/ Magic blink, self 1.3x holy dmg 1 turn
[Knight], w/ holyinstant self fastcast 2, crit =100% 2 turns
LuteSAKings' Quadinstant party +30% ATK/MAG/MND 25s, instacast 1, 2x ATB 1, self status lvl +11%
[Bard], w/ Bardh55 (NAT), instacast 1, 2x ATB 1 @ 1 status lvl, self status lvl -1
[Bard], w/ Bardparty 20% Dmg barrier 1, Autoheal 1k
Mother RobeSASync: Full Cureinstant party h105, hi fastzap 3, Regenga, dmg cap +10k 15s, self status lvl +11%
[W.Mag], w/ W.Maginstant h85, Autoheal 3k
[W.Mag], w/ W.Magparty h25-85 @ 0-1 status lvl, instacast 1 @ 1 status lvl, self status lvl -1
Mythgraven Blade
+holy dmg
๐‹๐ŽVibra Plusphys ^4.0/4 holy overstrike @ +100% crit scaling w/ LB pts and honing, self hi fastcast 21%
Chronos Harp
+holy dmg
AATake Heart!instant party +30% ATK/MAG/MND 25s, Haste, fastcast 15s, 2x ATB 1, 15s: Awoken Bard: Bard inf. hones, 2-3x Bard cast @ rank 1-5, 100% dualcast1.28571%
Angel RobeAAWhite Magic Waypointinstant party h105, revive @ 100% HP, Haste, hi fastzap 3, Last stand, 15s: Awoken Cry: W.Mag inf. hones, W.Mag hi fastcast, (W.Mag โค‡ party Autoheal 0.5k/1k/1.5k/2k/3k @ rank 1-5)1.28571%
Cecil (Paladin)
Save the QueenC2Benevolent Prayerinstant IV chain 1.5x (max 99), party +30% A/D/M/R 25s, instacast 11.28571%
Edward's CloakU2Mirage Songinstant party Regenga, Negate dmg 30%, refill 1 abil. use, self fastcast 31.28571%
Sheer DoubletBUPrayer of Mysidiainstant party h55, 50% Dmg barrier 1, hi fastcast 21.28571%
[W.Mag], +1 on W.Maginstant h25 โ€“ party h25 โ€“ party h55 โ€“ party h55, Autoheal 2k at brv.3
Lunar ShieldG+2Lunar Forceinstant holy infuse w/ stacking 25s, self instacast 11.28571%
Cecil (Paladin)
Master ShieldG+Defiant Forceinstant party Last stand, self instacast 11.28571%
Off-Banner (show all 62 relics)Chance of drawing: 0.00064% each

14.04% chance of 5โ˜… or better

(ave. 1.91 5โ˜… or better per 11ร— pull)

14.02% chance of 6โ˜… or better

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