Relic Draws

Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 14.00% total
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsChanceWant
Art of War
+water dmg
SAEblan Harmonyp9.0/15 or m3337.5/15 water+fire+lgt+non, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 1 turn: (water/fire/lgt ⤇ water/fire/lgt infuse 2 w/ stacking), 15s: (3 cmd 1/cmd 2 ⤇ element infuse 25s if element infuse)1%
[Ninja], w/ Ninjafast p4.8/6 or m2470.5/6 wa+f+l+n
[Ninja], w/ Ninjafast p2.4/3 or m1235.25/3 wa+f+l+n, self +10% water/fire/lgt dmg 15s
Rune Staff
+lgt dmg
SAChain Thunder Playmagic 22.5/15 lgt+non, lgt infuse 3 w/ stacking 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 40% Dmg barrier 1, (next 5 Dmg barrier lost ⤇ instant ATB 1, 40% Dmg barrier 1), 25s: Trance: +30% MAG, -30% DEF/RES, hi fastcast1%
[Witch], w/ Witchslow m21.35/7 l
[Witch], w/ Witchinstant m3.05 l+n, self instacast 1, 1.3x Witch dmg 1 turn
Duel Code
+earth dmg
SAWild Tempestphys 9.0/15 earth+non, earth infuse 3 w/ stacking 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 50% Dmg barrier 1, 15s: (Dmg barrier lost ⤇ p1.92/6 e+n Knight), 1.15-1.3-1.5-1.7x earth dmg w/ 0-1-2-3 uses1%
[Knight], w/ earthp5.4/6 e+n
[Knight], w/ earthp2.7/3 e+n, self 50% Dmg barrier 1
Rainbow DressSAWhite Magic Masteryinstant party h105, hi fastcast 2, +30% healing recv 15s, self dmg cap +10k 15s1%
[W.Mag], w/ W.Maginstant h105
[W.Mag], w/ W.Mag/Dancerparty h25
+lgt dmg
𝐋𝐎Eblan Lotusp^4.0/4 or m^24.0/4 water+fire+lgt overstrike @ +100% crit scaling w/ LB pts and honing1%
Platinum Whipblade
+water dmg
AA2Summon Eidolon Kingmagic 22.5/15 water+earth+holy+non (SUM), self dmg cap +10k 15s, Summon 1.5x cast, 1 turn: (water/earth/holy ⤇ water/earth/holy infuse), 15s: (1/2+ Summon ⤇ (1.2x Summon dmg, Summon fastcast) / (1.3x Summon dmg, Summon hi fastcast)), 1.1x Summon dmg, 15s: Awoken Summoning: Summon inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast1.28571%
Sword of the Twin Thegns
+holy dmg
AAWord of the Motherinstant party Haste, Autoheal 6k, Protect, Shell, 1.25x SB gauge 3 turns, 15s: Awoken Oracle of Light: Knight/Support inf. hones, 2-3x Knight/Support cast @ rank 1-5, (Knight/Support ⤇ party fastcast 1)1.28571%
Midan Coat of FendingU2Entrusted Willinstant -70% DEF/RES/MND 8s, party hi fastcast 2, 50% Dmg barrier 11.28571%
Absorb ShieldG+Proud Shieldinstant earth infuse w/ stacking 25s, party 50% Dmg barrier 11.28571%
Recovery RodG+Tycoon's Protectioninstant party Haste, Protect, Shell1.28571%
Rainbow RobesG+2Mist Wallinstant self refill 2 Summon abil. use, 1 turn: (water/earth/holy ⤇ water/earth/holy infuse w/ stacking)1.28571%
Shield of the Twin ThegnsG+Familial Pledgeinstant party Regenga1.28571%
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14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 1.91 5★ or better per 11× pull)

14.02% chance of 6★ or better

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