Relic Draws

Featured RelicsChance of drawing: 14.00% total
CharacterRelicSoul Break / MateriaEffectsChanceWant
Air Racket
+wind dmg
SASeraphic Rebirthinstant wind infuse 3 w/ stacking 25s, party h105, self dmg cap +10k 15s, dualcast W.Mag 15s, 25s: Trance: +30% MAG/MND, fastcast1%
[Summon], w/ Summonm18.3/6 h+wi+n
[W.Mag], w/ W.Maginstant h105
Anima FluteAA2Twin Maiden Prayerinstant party h105, revive @ 100% HP, Haste, hi fastcast 2, Last stand, 15s: Awoken Vision: W.Mag/Summon inf. hones, W.Mag/Summon hi fastcast, (W.Mag/Summon ⤇ party Autoheal 0.5k/1k/1.5k/2k/3k @ rank 1-5)1.18182%
Faerie Rod
+lgt dmg
AA1Thunder Serenademagic 22.5/15 lgt+non (SUM), +20% lgt vuln. 25s, lgt infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: Awoken Chant: Summon/Bard inf. hones, 2-3x Summon/Bard cast @ rank 1-5, (2 Summon/Bard ⤇ m16.62/6 l+n Summon, +10% lgt vuln. 15s)1.18182%
Dancing Dagger
+bio dmg
AABlade Gambitphys 9.0/15 wind+bio+non, (+10% wind/bio vuln. 15s) / (+20% wind/bio vuln. 25s) if 1-2+ IX chars. alive, party (instacast 1) / (instacast 1, 1.3x dmg vs weak 15s) if 3-4+ IX chars. alive, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 1 turn: (wind/bio ⤇ wind/bio infuse), 15s: Awoken Tantalus: wind/bio inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast1.18182%
Ragnarok II
+holy dmg, % Slow
AASeiken Climcrossphys 9.0/15 holy+non, +20% holy vuln. 25s, holy infuse 25s, self dmg cap +10k 15s, 15s: (3 holy ⤇ p6.0 h+n overstrike Knight @ +50 - 75 - 100% crit @ 0-72k-240k dmg dealt, once only), 15s: Awoken Knight: Knight inf. hones, up to 1.3x dmg @ rank 5, 100% dualcast1.18182%
Sun BladeCSworn ProtectorIX chain 1.5x (max 150), party Haste, +30% ATK/MAG 25s1.18182%
Angel RobeU5Soothing Fluteinstant party h55, Regenga, hi fastcast 1, Last stand1.18182%
Argentic FluteG+2Nacre Lightinstant party Haste, Protect, Shell1.18182%
MistilteinnG+1Maiden's Mettleinstant +500 SB pts1.18182%
AnastasiaG+Rose Catharsisinstant holy infuse stacking 25s, holy infuse 25s, self Knight fastcast 15s1.18182%
FlametongueGLeave it to Meinstant self hi fastcast 1, 1 turn: (wind/bio ⤇ wind/bio infuse w/ stacking)1.18182%
Jade ArmletLMR3Smitten Sweetheart(Summon ⤇ 15% for party h25)1.18182%
Off-Banner (show all 54 relics)Chance of drawing: 0.00074% each

14.04% chance of 5★ or better

(ave. 1.91 5★ or better per 11× pull)

11.66% chance of 6★ or better

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